We all know people who give us courage. We all have moments in life that make us stronger. This is what sparks our confidence.

As a partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, Allianz supports people from all walks of life to help them achieve their goals.

As our films show, some are athletes who have overcome challenges to reach new frontiers. Others are Allianz agents and employees whose passion motivates them to go further.

On each step of their journey, Allianz is right behind them, giving them courage for what’s ahead. Discover their #SparkConfidence stories.

Two-time Olympian Afrodite Zegers says that when you find the confidence to follow the rhythm of what you love, everything is smooth sailing.

Croatian Paralympic silver medallist Anđela Mužinić says no curveball is impossible to conquer when you have the desire to win.

Two-time Olympian Angelica Moser says that having the courage to fall, over and over again, is how you reach all the way to the top.

Two-time Winter Parlaympian Arly Velásquez tells us that if you want to go from being good to being the best, standing still is not an option.

Allianz Corporate Responsibility Executive Chiang (Richard) Kai Lun believes that education is the greatest and most important inheritance.

Australian five-time Olympic medallist Cate Campbell shows us that swimming against the current is easier with support.

Christos Saketos,
 marathoner and Chief Risk Officer at Allianz Greece tells us how life comes full circle: from cheering athletes on the track to running marathons himself.

French five-time judo world champion Clarisse Agbegnenou is a born fighter. She tirelessly pushes her limits, from mind to body.

Three-time Paralympic medallist Denise Schindler says that no matter what direction life pulls you in, you can set your own pace.

Nothing is a long shot for US Paralympic silver medallist Matt Stutzman because he has always believed that anything is possible.

Entrepreneur and top Allianz agent of Poland, Mariusz Adamczyk believes that the greatest gift he received from his family is a strong work ethic. 

Swiss bobsleigh pilot and World Cup bronze medallist  Melanie Hasler tells us how to ignore insecurities and embrace the winds of change.

Nicolas Graffin, junior vice champion swimmer and top Allianz agent of France, proves that an athlete is not defined by labels – but by the motivation, tenacity and confidence that drive them.

Olympic gold medallist Sofia Goggia shows us that even the highest peaks are scalable with some unconditional love. 

Speed isn’t everything for Formula E driver Alexander Sims, whose determination to be better on and off the track has been a journey of small steps and self-discovery.