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We’re here to give confidence. Because, if people had more courage than fear, the world would be a better place. But sometimes it’s not fear, that holds us back from making the next step. It’s a bad mood, a dull state of mind, a lack of recognition or the feeling of not being good enough. As a reaction to an ever more complex and demanding world – boosted by the pandemic and the added stress and isolation – we face a significant increase in the number of people managing mental health concerns. What we need is a peace of mind button. Access, support, and resources to help people enhance their mental health. And give them confidence for what lies ahead.
Allianz – The Pause

We got behind the Olympic & Paralympic Movements to inspire the world with confidence. To accompany people making the next step and to learn how to enforce mental health. But we chose not to portray another athlete, but the people behind the spotlight. The ones, that help them facing their fears, their bad moods, dull moments and doubts: The mental coaches.

We asked them to tell us their stories, to share their view on mental health and to provide us with some tricks for our daily lives.

Stay tuned!

Mareike Dottschadis
After spontaneously running the Berlin Marathon she got into competitive long distance running, graduated M.Sc. Sport Psychology and became a sports psychology coach.
She is now working at the Olympic Training Centre Brandenburg and is coaching German and US athletes for upcoming competitions and challenges.
Her goal is to empower people in finding their own solutions along their individual journey. In her work she notices again and again that high-performing athletes essentially face similar challenges like everybody else - what makes them successful are the strategies they use and internalize through constant practice.
Niall Breslin
Drawing from his experience as a touring musician, former professional rugby and football player and as an academic he is known for his expert knowledge and bona-fide authenticity. Now he’s one of Ireland's most prominent mental health advocates and has helped to pioneer a transformation in its public perception. He also found success as the voice of Spotify’s brand new mindfulness podcast series, as well as author of an award-winning book and producer of several documentaries about mental health.
He sure is a key figure in the evolving conversation around mental health.
Alain Goudsmet
For more than 20 years he tells top performers how to energize under high pressure. And accompanies teams and individuals, such as the national Belgium hockey teams on their journey in Beijing and London. Additionally he built up a career in the corporate field coaching global companies and founded the Mentally Fit Institute to bring together scientists and specialists in energetic areas of human potential.
He is interested in teaching people how to disconnect and reconnect – and this couldn’t be more relevant in times like these.