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Skateboard Olympian with dog sitting on a hill calm, cuddling with the dog – city in the background

The Allianz Support Dog Squad is here to serve

See how emotional support dogs are helping this year's athletes.

Olympic athlete's is cuddling with a Allianz support labrador dog
Interacting with a therapy dog increases serotonin and dopamine, creating a sense of calm, allowing athletes to focus.
Therapy dogs help curb loneliness and increase optimism.
The simple affections, aka unconditional love of therapy dogs releases Oxytocin, amplifying feelings of belonging and self belief.
Dashawn Jordan cuddling within a dog, looking happily
Dashawn Jordan
Team USA, Skateboarding
Leticia Bufoni looking happily, cuddling with a dog
Leticia Bufoni
Team Brazil, Skateboarding
Vanessa Low cuddling with a dog, looking trustfully
Vanessa Low
Team Australia, Track & Field
Love On 4 Paws
Love On 4 Paws is a non-profit, volunteer based organization committed to making a positive difference for those in need through animal assisted therapy. Our volunteers accomplish this by sharing the joy, comfort and healing power of their pet's unconditional love.
Little Angels
In addition to offering a wide variety of service dogs, Little Angels strongly believes in assisting those with psychiatric disabilities, both civilians and veterans. The trainers and volunteers of Little Angels work diligently to place dogs with our soldiers, as well as civilians who suffer from similar forms of PTSD, and other psychiatric conditions such as severe anxiety and depressive disorders.