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Mental Health

With one in four adults suffering from mental health disorders, mental health is a major challenge facing our customers, employees and society as a whole. As a result of the pandemic and the added stress and isolation that have accompanied it, the number of people managing mental health concerns has grown significantly in the past year.

Allianz believes that by feeling strong and good about ourselves, we can take on more in life and feel confident for what lies ahead of us. In an ever more complex world, our mental health is the very foundation for growth and security. Allianz aims to bring peace of mind by providing our customers and employees with resources, access and support to help enhance their mental health.

Across the world, Allianz is committed to expanding mental health support to our customers, employees and society with resources, access and support to help enhance their mental health. 

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Allianz Care
Customers can access multilingual and confidential support for e.g., mental and emotional well-being through the Expat Assistance Program.
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Allianz customers can access individual, high-quality consultation for psychological concerns (e.g. burnout or depression).
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Allianz customers can gain new strength in 4 free psychological online consultations per year with our partner
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Allianz customers can access the telemedicine platform “Healthy Living Talk” including mental health consultation.
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BurnoutAdvisor via webapp which aims to identify the warning signs of burnout or even depression and provide guidance on what actions to take – in cooperation with the start-up Kelindi.

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In 2019 Allianz employees have selected Mind, the leading mental health charity and their sister charity SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health), as their charity partner and have set themselves the ambitious target of raising £1 million.
Allianz is providing free, confidential counselling support to customers and their immediate families affected by the bushfires in Australia. Calls are handled by Assure Programs and bookings can be made 24/7.
Experts holding 'Allianz for resilient community' series of webinars.
‘Allianz for resilient community’ series of webinars held by well-known experts and focus on elements of emotional, mental and physical health accessible for everyone.

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