Brand leadership comes with great responsibility. So we have written a letter to the Allianz of the future, in which we outline our expectations towards our future selves, and that should remind us, every day, of the pledge that we will continue to shape a better tomorrow together.

We are your staff of 2021. We try to imagine all the things we wish to accomplish and where we would like to see Allianz one day – therefore we are writing this letter to our future selves.

We are actuaries, advisors and service agents; engineers, lawyers and technology experts; but also dreamers, fighters, thinkers, and visionaries. Together we have achieved many great accomplishments and are underway to further shape our industry.

  • Allianz gives customers even more confidence in tomorrow by being a fair and responsible partner providing simple solutions.
  • Allianz continues to care for the future of its employees so that they can care even more for the future of the people they serve.
  • Allianz continues to grow into the role of a global caregiver, investing in the economic and ecologic diversity of our planet, all while shaping a better tomorrow together with our partners and customers.

The upcoming years are an inflection point, and our actions during that time can determine how life of the next generations on Earth will look like. We wish to have endless ambition to create a positive impact on the future of individuals and our planet. And therefore, with great confidence, we look to what’s ahead.

We are Allianz – today and for the future. And we are over 150.000 signed up for change.

Our promise: Confidence in Tomorrow
Fulfilling our promise: Acts of Confidence