The RAMP – Skyrocket your resolution, a ramp in the night aluminated, mountain panorma in the background

The Ramp Logo

What’s your wish for 2022?
Take a look how we skyrocket your New Year’s resolutions into the universe!

Even though it’s been a hard few years, we should still have big aspirations and shoot for the stars. So to help the world fly into 2022 with confidence, at the start of January, Allianz revealed The Ramp to the world when we skyrocketed your New Year’s resolutions into the universe.

By sharing your wishes for 2022, we wanted to celebrate the power of positive thinking.

Located in a remote location in the Swiss Alps, The Ramp was a launchpad for sending the world’s resolutions out into the universe. Anyone could simply write the Allianz social media channels a message with their resolution for 2022.

Here is some inspiration.