Allianz CEO Oliver Bäte addresses world leaders at the Leaders' Summit on Climate
Oliver Bäte as the sole European representative showing our commitment to a greener and more resilient economic recovery from the pandemic in a forum convened by U.S. President Joe Biden.
Honored as worlds most sustainable investor in 2020
Today we are proud to have once again been listed as one of the most sustainable insurance companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index!
Transparently reflecting the societal footprint of our investments
In this event we discuss the future of sustainable investing. With topics ranging from finding the path to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) in investment portfolios to research, regulation and impact investing.
Securing the future of Uruguay's photovoltaic capacity
By closing the investment gap of 100 Mio. US $ Allianz Global Investors helped to sustain six major solar PV projects in Uruguay, making this our 24th infrstructure investment in the Americas.
Providing inspiration and motivation through acts of kindness furing COVID-19 lockdown
Supporting key workers with free services or raising funds to build hospitals in Italy - Allianz Partners employees take action during COVID-19 pandemy
Delivering on Purpose: A retrospective in numbers
When we listen to the message behind Serge Raffard's interview talking to Monocle Magazine we get a picture of Allianz' vision to engage employees to live up to our purpose.
From an Alzheimer's reseach centre to masks for the hearing impaired: We're prepaired to help
As the pandemic seems to overshadow all the world's different concerns Allianz Spain continues to provide support and initiatives for a variety of health related issues - as we learn from this Monocle Magazine podcast.
Strengthening financial freedom for women with expert advice
Join Bianca Großgasteiger, regional Lead in Austria, as she deep dives into topics of financial freedom during the Female Future Festival in Dornbirn, Austria.
Honoring outstanding sustainability concepts in KMU with the Allianz Eco-Awards
Find out more about our winners of the 2020 Allianz Eco-Awards, as we cover their stories during these challenging times.
Only 8.7% to go until 2030 - on the finishing line to a 100% sustainability investments
By 2030, 100 percent of our financial investments should meet sustainability criterias - as agreed together with WWF Austria.
Turning off the lights - and giving away free energy saving tips from experts
As we turned off the lights for one hour in all our Allianz facilites during Earth hour as a symbol for our efforts to save resources and to protect our planet from depletion.
The Future of Living study reveals 5 key findings for sustaining our communities – in Australia as well as globally
Millennials and Gen Z will put sustainability first when living in and building their future homes, according to new research released by Allianz in conjunction with the University of Technology Sydney
Offering life saving services to secure children living in SOS Children's Villages
Together with SOS Children's Villages, we are contributing to building a resilient future generation that is able to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and act as fully integrated members of society.
Proudly supporting Formula E's mission to change the way we perceive future mobility
As part of the Allianz long-term sustainability agenda we are proud sponsor of the future of electric mobility by partnering with FIA Formula E. Here to inspire the usage of clean technologies .
Starting the MyLight Project to raise the standards of inclusivity at work
Allianz Partners Italy and the Milan Blind Institution get together to invest in a synergetical project for visually impaired workers. An the MyLight Project continues to shine!
Impacting global sustainability efforts - with our own global initiative
We are delighted to announce "CSR in Action", a global initiative where we co-create innovative CSR solutions together with our global business units.
We join the UNWTO in it's quest to offer safe, responsible and accessible traveling
The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a United Nations Institution, welcomed Allianz Partners to include our expertise as a world leader in travel insurance.
We proudly present the Allianz Lifetime Diversity Award to Kurt Aeschbacher
Join Allianz Suisse as Kurt Aeschbacher takes us along his lifetime journey of courage and empathy during this interview session. Emotions and inspiration? For sure.
The "halftree" idea gets 20.000 CHF collected for the Swiss Red Cross
As part of the initiative "#untereinembaum" for a safe and healthy christmas 2020 we were able to donate 20.000 CHF to the Swiss Red Cross.
Partnering with the SEF.NextGen Camp for young entrepreneurs
To be courageous means to be willing to shape the future. As Allianz Suisse takes partnership in this meaningful Camp for future entrepreneurs we commit to support actionable and viable ideas to strengthen business in the 21st century.
Helping Barcelona based Start-Up to distribute fresh air to hospital staff
Allianz Spain saw it as an opportunity to work with Barcelona-based start-up Protofy to generate easy-to-manufacture ventilators, which are now being distributed in 50 countries worldwide.
Inviting our customers to make a meaningful purchase – to support the cause of curing cancer
In order to raise awareness for the cause Allianz Spain set out to match the sum of purchases made at the online store of the Spanish Association Against Cancer. A 10.000 EUR worth of purchases was matched with the same donation amount.
Allianz Greece contributes to the creation of equal opportunities for all young people
Allianz Hellas supports the Bodossakis Foundation's "Digital School for All" program by providing tablets to students, with the aim to support growth with confidence and to become carriers of a positive social change.
Keeping Hungarian non-profit's logistics running to provide food for those in need
Since the pandemic, it has become increasingly challenging for the Hungarian Food Bank Association to carry out the food rescue work. The contribution from Allianz will help cover increased costs for getting the food to the people.
Organising a event series against Bullying with EDU Foundation in Indonesia
Thanks to the collaboration of the Allianz Peduli Foundation with the EDU Foundation and with the support from Jabar Masagi program a Stand Up Comedy Competition against bullying had been organized.
Caring for families in Indonesia by sending out hundreds of care packages
We are to be part of the alliance with SOS Children's Villages. This time we were able to help over 600 families, whose access to daily basics was covered by care packages during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Empowering local health by supporting brokers and their communities
With two new initiatives - a community sports support fund and Mental Helath First Aider Courses for brokers - we support our communities in the UK to stay healthy and to further ease the impacts of this ongoing pandemic.
Allianz Life supports free Farmers Market to feed 700+ families in Minnesota
As Allians Life we are very fortunate to be able to support those in need of the bare minimum.During these times we feel obliged to take action - as we did with this food provision event at Allianz Field in June 2020.
Demonstrating local action by supporting neighbors around Allianz Soccer Stadium in Minnesota
Minnesota United and its partner Allianz Life Insurance will donate $75,000 to support small businesses and non-profits near their St. Paul soccer stadium during the coronavirus pandemic.
Granting funds for nonprofits in the twin city area to strengthen their inclusive causes
Through US Allianz Life we are granting $2 million in funds to help address issues of systemic equity and inclusion exacerbated by the recent crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Saving 2.000 tons of CO2 by planting trees around the world
Together with Treedom, Allianz is planting trees around the globe as part of our commitment to a better tomorrow
Setting a vision for Australia to become the global disaster resilience leader
Allianz supported the development of the Minderoo Foundation Fire & Flood Resilience Blueprint.
Securing biodiversity one community at a time
Allianz Spain has put in countless volunteer hours to protect biodiversity in Barcelona, Bilbao, Coruña, Madrid and Valencia.
Change starts from within when it comes to habits in recycling and waste sorting
Allianz Ayudhya has been installing food composter machines inside corporate offices to lead by example and transport sustainable thinking through its staff.
Keeping remote area learners plugged in
When children can't go to school, the school must come to them. In order to make remote learning possible and more convenient for Thai children, Allianz Ayudhya has launched "Tablets for Children".
Allianz Ayudhya Go Green: Educating Society on how to segregate wastes sustainably
Allianz Ayudhya Goes for Green invites you to reduce waste, prevent environmental problems and safe natural resources with an easy action – to segregate your daily waste properly.
TARRA – How one of our agents helped take a local idea to a global solution
When Christophe, an agent in Corsica, was approached by local farmers who thought of new ways to fuel local agriculture with food wastes, he immediately understood the potential of the idea - and the role for Allianz to take in it.
Committing a day to care for our communities – how 300 employees show solidarity to 35 associations in France every year
While we work hard to secure your future, there are many great initiatives that keep our local communities running. At Allianz we don't just support, we take action, on site, in real life, and at our cost.
J'aime, Je soutiens! – Allianz France supports the initiatives that customers most care about
An online participation format where our Customers decide which innovative startup idea we should fund. Over 60.000 customers participated and donated, on top of us offering resources and network to the innovators of a better tomorrow.
Working with influencers to create awareness for and offering solutions to cyber-mobbing
59% of adolescents in France have been victims of online harassment. Allianz is stepping in to help them and their parents to set up for better protection mechanisms online.
World Health Day – Moving from ecosystem stakeholder to topic leader
As an Insurer, participating in World Health Day is a must. But by giving a stage and triggering the right discussions between experts that are working on national issues, Allianz France took corporate participation to the next level
Net Zero Asset Managers initiative: Recognizing the urgency to tackle climate change
Allianz Global Investors announces its commitment to support the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C, by joining the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative.
Roman Sauer: Shaping European financial reporting legislation
Having been appointed to the board of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) – a key advisor to the EU Commission, Roman will be playing a leading role in the development of financial and non-financial reporting standards in Europe
Sharing our knowledge on how Allianz is tackling Climate Change
Oliver Bäte takes part in the Chinese Development Forum 2021 (CDF) explaining the joint opportunity and responsibility of China and the Financial sector