Allianz Australia introduces gender affirmation leave to further support its commitment to LGBTI inclusion
The new leave entitlement provides four weeks paid leave and up to 12 months unpaid leave for employees affirming their gender.
Leveraging network and knowledge built for our customers to support employees in challenging times
In its mission to support employees in return to the office, Allianz Partners has created a medical helpline, where Allianz Partners medical assistance doctors are available to answer questions related to employees’ personal medical situations.
Staying fit and safe while Valeria Rosales teaches us to dance the stress away
Follow us, as we join pro dancer Valeria Rosales together with Allianz ambassador Denise Schindler and 200 other Allianz employees from around the world for a session Zumba.
Introducing a playful way to engange employees to care for themselves and tomorrow
Together with our partner Changers, we started developing the Well Together Health App in April 2020 to provide our employees with playful incentives to live a healthier lifestyle.
Sharing wisdom and peace during our unified meditation sessions
Since the coronavirus pandemic, employees from Allianz Technology have been hosting a short meditation practice for colleagues to join virtually.
Committing to a more equal workplace, with a clear milestone set for 2021
By the end of 2021, Allianz will have achieved equal pay between men and women employed in the same role. Another milestone on our journey to a fully gender-egalitarian organization
Establishing Mindfulness as a corner stone to an even more resilient organization
After a challenging year in business and life, Allianz hosted a Digital Session with over 2000 participants to share learnings on how Mindfulness can help to better cope and be more resilient.