Learning from the pandemic to optimize our products in the long run
When most of Italy stood still in 2020, customers asked to interrupt car insurance policies. Allianz Italy has transformed this logic in a new long-term offering: Holding Car Insurance when you don't need it.
Listening to advice from pro athletes - with voices that inspire and lives to match
Paralympic pro athletes share their wisdom as we partner with the international paralympic committee for the podcast series „a winning mindset“.
Securing Pets in Cars - Innovation driven by Allianz Center for Technology
At The Allianz Center for Technology we undertake comprehensive scientific research - also to improve the safety of our fellow best friends when being taken along in cars.
Partnering up with mental health experts from instahelp.me in challenging times
Together with Allianz Österreich, we are providing 100 additional free consultations so that everyone can find access to psychological support.
Providing security and innovation by offering risk-life-insurance for people with diabetes
World diabetes day was the occasion to inform about our new life-insurance program for diabetic - so that they can create peace of mind for themselves and their families.
Offering Doc on Call services - for more than 200,000 people worldwide
Listen to the Monocle Magazine story on how we’ve responded to timely medical intervention with partners like Medi24 during the pandemic and emergency cases abroad. There is always someone on call to help with Allianz as your partner.
Repatriating a family stuck in vacation during COVID-19
In this story we provided health support and coverage for a family during their stay in far from home Greece.
Rewarding customers for smart pension planning
We are now rewarding good pension resolutions with a voucher worth 90 EUR for your vacation in Austria!
Sharing Allianz Chief Weather Officer, Tim Bailey’s Top 10 Tips for being prepared, no matter the weather
Allianz is here to help and support Australians through life’s toughest moments, and has been for 100 years, including educating Australians on the actions they can take now to help reduce future impacts.
Covering Lime users on their daily routes through the cities of this world
Allianz and Lime are entering into a global strategic partnership that will include a custom insurance solution for Lime riders.
Supporting the community with a free offering of psychological online-tutoring
Allianz customers can gain new strength in 4 free psychological online consultations with our partner instahelp.me - for yourself or your company's employess.
Rewarding smart choices for Allianz customers with austrians jö bonus program
In this promotion we offered free telemedizin to our austrian female customers - as a gift for international women's day
Showing empathy with our human condition in difficult times
We listen to Cate Campbell, as she explains to us the connection of success and overcoming your own anxieties.
Creating true winwin situations by bringing mentor and disciple together
Together with Madison de Rozario with set out to chase greatness. Sometimes this means to connect talent with experience.
Forming a bond with people facing anxieties through sharing the story of this pro athlete
Learn from Olympic candidate Owen Wright, why accepting one‘s fear actually leads to freedom.
Inspiring us all to trust in our own ability
Watch paralympian athlete Nic Beveridge making a case for love as the biggest force to overcome fear and anxiety.
Safely returning a intern from Kuala Lumpur back to his home - 11000 km away
Watch how our team at Allianz Partners arranged the best medical care for a French customer suffering a psychological breakdown in Malaysia
Pulling all our efforts together as we return this canadian customer home on time
Watch how our Allianz Partners team supported one of our Canadian customers after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and Pneumonia - including getting him home right on time for his wedding anniversary!
Investing in electric mobility trainings for our Allianz Assistance experts
As roadside assistance partners for OEM brands as BMW, Audi or Hyundai we are happy to announce hat we joined CharIN e.V. to further support standardization in EV mobility infrastructure.
Allianz Market Flash helps Brokers in Belgium to make informed decisions during COVID-19
During the first wave of the pandemic a dedicated team of developers decided to answer quickly to the call for help in order to provide a solution, which helps to make informed decisions in ever changing markets.
Uniting a twin sister's christmas with a remarkable idea
Allianz Suisse sent out half christmas trees to two of our customers to make them feel united under "one" tree as they decorate it and get ready to celebrate a very unusual X-Mas 2020.
Leveraging our expertise and network to safely manage time critical medical treatments
Read here, how our well trained case managers were able to help our customers be safeguarded through the current stress situations in hospitals caused by the pandemic
Sharing insights on nutrition by triathlete world champion Jan Frodeno
Be on top of your nutrition game when it comes to indoors fitness and follow along with this advice from German Mr. Triathlon himself
"Seguimos continuo" of Allianz Spain supports small and medium-sized enterprises
As the pandemic hit Spain in early 2020 many enterprises were facing existential ruin. At that moment Allianz Spain pushed forward with the initiative "Seguimos Continuo" to offer financial relief to their customers.
Advising our customers to listen to their favorite beats safely and mindfully
When listeing to music one might forget time and space around them. As much as we empathize with this we advise you to listen within healthy capacities, which usually are below 60% of volume and under 60 minutes per session.
Allianz Indonesia establishes a program of mobile libraries for young kids
To help younger siblings at home who feel distressed during the ongoing pandemic or don't have access to learning, SMILEY (Smart Mobile Library) GO! - the mobile library program - will return, following strict health protocols.
Helping people in Thailand making the most out of unused objects at home
We helped the people with tips and tricks to make the best out of the unexpected situation as they got stuck at home during this pandemic. Clearing out your overhead or getting things in need secondhand can be resourceful alternatives.
Roadside Assistance turned blood donation - saving a customer's baby in India
When helping a customer who's car broke down 600 km from home, Varun from Allianz Assistance India realized help was needed in a much bigger way.
Repatriation from Cameroon - going beyond the expected to secure specialist treatment for an elderly customer
Working as a team and network of carers, Allianz Partners solved a complex repatriation issue to guarantee the customer's best possible convalescence
Giving customers the confidence of knowing that their travel investment is protected
Allianz Partners, and SmartNomad, an AI powered digital travel concierge, join forces to make travelling as financially safe as possible.
Shaping the future of Travel Insurance after COVID-19 together with Blink
Blink will provide flight disruption cover to Allianz Partners, thereby extending Allianz' support to UK policyholders wherever they are travelling worldwide.
Going beyond agreed service levels so customers #HaveThePower to face the pandemic with calm
Coverage for self-quarantine, Hotline direct access for COVID-19 infected, extended deadlines and many more perks to give back confidence to customers in Indonesia
Dedicated offerings for Sharia-compliant communities
Distinct normative communities can struggle to find their ways around products made for mass market. Allianz Sharia products make it easy to combine financial confidence, faith, and community.
Offering flexible solutions in markets where customers face unprecedented fears
COVID-19 has raised awareness for health issues among many Indonesians. Allianz is responding to th needs of these new market entrants with increasingly flexible plans and special cancer coverage options.
Flourishing People - Co-Founding the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia
The Alliance is business-led, expert-guided, and made up of 15 of Australia’s largest employers, all championing a culture of good mental health for all workers
Allianz Memory Safe - Covering cherished memories that could never be replaced
Allianz has partnered with Memories.com.au, who will be giving the first 5,0001 new and existing Allianz customers a free online memory safe to help protect them for future generations.
Showing presence where it matters most
The Allianz ROMI (Return on Marketing Invest) model is set up to put a scientific approach to sponsoring, so that customers can enjoy access to the platforms they enjoy most.
Giving families a piece of normality with drive-in cinema experience
While the pandemic keeps families from going on roadtrips and to the cinema, Allianz Switzerland thought of a charming way to cover both.
Rethinking customer service for the New Normal: Allianz Seguros Mediators
Beyond extending customer service, Allianz Seguros is establishing new ways to settle customer issues using their extensive network of agents, brokers and famous customer representatives
Spreading Confidence - How Allianz Spain is recruiting local heroes to tell their stories
Talent, hard work, humility and passion are the values that have made Alex Marquez what he is, unique. Allianz is telling his story to inspire people to realize their dreams and overcome their fears.
Unlocking financial resources when time is best spent healing: A revolutionary product that combines security for health and wealth
Allianz Cancer Protection is the first insurance policy in Italy that combines cancer prevention with the guarantee of having financial resources to better deal with the possibility of any malignant cancer.
Showing presence is showing that we care: Allianz Ayudhya Care Day
A special day we hold twice a week where management, employees and agents gather and call customers to enquire about their hopes and fears and show them we care.
"The Unfortunate Stories" Video Series
An online sharing experience from real COVID-19 patients in Thailand reminding customers to remain health-conscious beyond COVID-19 Wave 1
“Together Sunday”: gathering over 2,000 families to partake in concerts powered by AR and live interaction
Families have especially suffered from a reduced offering of entertainment during COVID-19. This is why Allianz Ayudhya has estalished a concert and meet & greet session with Thailand top line up including Palmy, Stamp, Nont, Jaonaay and his dad - Jay Jetrin.
Confidence as a woman in Sports - #ForteCommeUneFille
ForteCommeUneFille is a series of discussions with female athletes around International Women's Day aiming to put the spotlight onto gender-specific challenges in the world of sports - and their solutions.
With Allianz behind you, Oscars lie ahead!
It certainly has been a difficult year for the film industry. But also during these difficult times, our clients can rely on Allianz, as we were able to support the completion of the two award winning productions with our products and services.