Better financial leadership leads to a better world. We will focus on sustainability and helping others and the world. We invest in future generations, fostering collaboration and being part of something better. In all of these ways and more, Allianz will shape a better tomorrow, together.
Having been appointed to the board of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) – a key advisor to the EU Commission, Roman will be playing a leading role in the development of financial and non-financial reporting standards in Europe
When Christophe, an agent in Corsica, was approached by local farmers who thought of new ways to fuel local agriculture with food wastes, he immediately understood the potential of the idea - and the role for Allianz to take in it.
Oliver Bäte as the sole European representative showing our commitment to a greener and more resilient economic recovery from the pandemic in a forum convened by U.S. President Joe Biden.

Everything we do as a brand and business, we will do with empathy. We start our interactions by listening to our customers, witnessing our integrity and reliability. We will provide security in the ups and downs of life so people will have more hopes and courage than fears about the future.
By the end of 2021, Allianz will have achieved equal pay between men and women employed in the same role. Another milestone on our journey to a fully gender-egalitarian organization
When helping a customer whose car broke down 600 km from home, Varun from Allianz Assistance India realized help was needed in a much bigger way.

At The Allianz Center for Technology we undertake comprehensive scientific research - also to improve the safety of our fellow best friends when being taken along in cars.

Our brand will deliver innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We will reduce complexity to simplify their lives, share knowledge, be transparent and provide access to more services and value.
It certainly has been a difficult year for the film industry. But also during these difficult times, our clients can rely on Allianz, as we were able to support the completion of the two award winning productions with our products and services.
COVID-19 has raised awareness for health issues among many Indonesians. Allianz is responding to th needs of these new market entrants with increasingly flexible plans and special cancer coverage options.

When we listen to the message behind Serge Raffard's interview talking to Monocle Magazine we get a picture of Allianz's vision to engage employees to live up to our purpose.

Our purpose: We secure your future
Our promise: Confidence in Tomorrow