About Confidence

We are here to give confidence
At Allianz, we secure people's lives and give them courage for what's ahead, no matter what.  Based on our purpose, we are making a new promise to our customers, which we bring to life through an experience that's uniquely ours. We are proud and excited to introduce and share what we do to give confidence, big and small, to customers, employees and society.
Big, small, life changing or heartwarming, be ready to skyrocket your resolution starting on December 21st
Before you jump in on what we’re already doing for customers, employees and society, we would like to speak about our ambition as a brand leader. 
It is more than an ambition. Our Purpose is the North Star that guides how we act for our customers, employees, and society.
Our brand is anchored around one Core Belief: The world would be a better place if people had more courage than fear. This is why we have committed to a clear and universal promise to our customers:
Together we turn our purpose and promise into a new experience by following simple yet meaningful principles in everything we do. These principles are based on the elements our customers demand and value the most.
As Allianz employees, we play a critical role in giving our customers confidence in tomorrow. This also implies that we need to become a magnet for talent that shares our values and is passionate about creating the change we want to see.
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For a more inclusive world through sports
Allianz got behind the Olympic & Paralympic Movements as the Worldwide Insurance Partner. Sharing the Olympic and Paralympic values, this partnership inspires us to provide confidence in tomorrow.